Exciting Things Coming from Legacy Pharmacy Group!

Jun 17, 2019 | Industry News, Member Benefits

Building on our experience and past successes, Legacy is getting ready to launch some exciting new changes to make this year one of the best years to partner with Legacy. Over the past 7 years, Legacy evolved into the tristate area’s largest purchasing organization for independent pharmacies with over 250 community pharmacy members. Our new initiatives will provide even more value and resources to our membership, making Legacy the premier member organization in the tristate area and beyond.

Some of our key benefits and planned changes include:

  • Competitively Priced Generic And Brand Medications
  • Valuable OTC and RX Promotions – Including Prescription Vials and Automation Services
  • Aggressive Monthly Rebates
  • Unique and Highly Effective Profit Generating Programs
  • Member-Only Clinical Services
  • Exclusive Systems to Help Improve Your Star-Rating
  • MTM Services
  • Programs to Enhance Customer Retail Experience
  • Methods and Programs to Expand and Increase Your Business
  • In-House Robo Calls to Alert You to Weekly Specials and Market News
  • An expanded Professional Sales and Dedicated Support Team
  • Data and Analytic Services
  • A Strong Voice in Legislative Issues

Our combined 50+ years of experience makes Legacy Group the most qualified organization to actively grow your business. We’ll do the hard work for you, eliminating time-consuming cost comparisons by providing the most competitive discounts the market has to offer. Our new clinical services will help you improve your star rating at no additional cost!

Additionally, Legacy recognizes the impact legislation has on our business is immense. We will fight tirelessly for you locally in Trenton and Albany, as well as nationally in Washington D.C. We will support key legislation that will benefit you and your business.

Ultimately, we believe our most important goal is to have every interaction with our members be a positive experience and show that we truly appreciate you as a member of not just an organization, but of our professional family.