Legislative Updates

Legislative Updates

Nov 23, 2021 | Legislative News

Dear Legacy Members,


This morning, Legacy Pharmacy Group’s CEO, Ritesh Shah, and Business Consultant Manager, John Dutch, attended a NJ Pharmacy leadership meeting with Congressman Frank Pallone. He is currently serving as the U.S. Representative for New Jersey’s 6th congressional district.

Congressman Pallone was very supportive to speak to the floor and address the issues regarding DIR fees and PBMs. Along with the help of GSPO, IPA, NJPHA, and Karry from NCPA, we are working to stop abusive PBM spread pricing and related practices in Medicaid managed care, improve transparency, and reasonably reimburse pharmacies.

Congressman Pallone gave us positive signs to bring in PBMs to the floor for a hearing and discuss the ongoing matter.

As we work hard to push for a meeting with PBMs, we ask our members to reach out to Legacy to address any issues you have dealt with so we can have a strong stance and keep fighting for our independent community pharmacies!

Thank you,
Legacy Pharmacy Group

Legislative Updates